Teams That Grow

People can be organised into many teams.

Teams range from 1 to 100 people - or maybe many more.

Teams can evolve over time.

Individuals can even work across teams. (*wip)

A simple model

image/svg+xml YourOrganisation YourTeams TeamRosters Operatingdays Shifts YourPeople Posts Qualifications

Each team has a roster consisting of operating days.

Each operating day can have one or more possibly-overlapping shifts.

Each shift requires certain posts to be filled.

(The people in the shift make up a 'crew' or 'gang' during their shift.)

Each post requires a person who has the right qualification.

Each person has their qualifications recorded, each with accompanying certification.

Keep people informed

  • when people are allocated posts, they're emailed automatically
  • when there's a change, those affected are notified by email
  • notification emails carry calendar attachments so there are timely reminders of when people are expected (*wip)

Encourage participation

  • people use the roster to make their own availability / absence clear

A clean web user interface

  • setting up the roster is easy, thanks to a simple UI and tools to replicate operating days, shifts and posts
  • drag and drop people into posts
  • drag and drop qualifications to people (or vice versa)
  • works on desktop, tablet and smartphone (*wip)

Easy on beginners

  • users starting in basic roles are not over faced with complex features

GDPR friendly

  • personal information is 'need to know' only
  • people can see their own data & update personal details

Secure by default

  • uses HTTPS by default. A hardened TLS stack with modern protocols preserves privacy and ensures integrity.
  • simple but secure permissions govern every activity: no-one sees what they mustn't see & no-one changes what they mustn't change.
  • authentication by password (with salted hashing), or Oauth2 federation (Google, Facebook) according to need.
  • full audit trail of who altered what.

A simple document store

  • each team has a versioned document store for disseminating notices, procedures, manuals, certificates etc
  • staff are notified when new documents may affect them (*wip).


  • Railway
  • Airline
  • Construction
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Events

Screenshot - setting up operating days

  • add the days you need
  • add the shifts you need
  • add the posts you need to be filled

Screenshot - filling up the posts

  • allocate people to the empty slots
  • doesn't allow unqualified people to be allocated
  • helpful hints on who's available
  • helpful hints on who's been overworked

Screenshot - the roster

  • visible to all staff as it emerges

Screenshot - grid roster

  • alternative grid layout of the same information
  • circulate paper copies as needed